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Come out and join us for the Phil Campbell Christmas Parade to be held on December 14th at 6 PM. Immediately following the parade, come get your picture made with Santa at the front entrance of Phil Campbell high school.




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Reprint from Al.com article

A 35-year-old maker of consumer electronics, technologies, and car and motorcycle audio installation hardware recently found a new home in rural Franklin County.
Capture.JPGLucy Berry | lberry@al.com

Courtesy of Lucy Berry | lberry@al.com

Courtesy of Lucy Berry | lberry@al.com

SCOSCHE Industries has launched a distribution center in the Spruce Pine area, relocating from its previous site in Russellville. Managed and operated by MDI, Inc., the facility employs 27, with more jobs on the way.

The company said it is the first “new significant business development” in the area since the April 27, 2011 storm, which devastated Franklin County and other portions of the state.

“This new distribution center is part of a significant supply chain transformation that will dramatically continue to improve the way we meet our customer’s needs,” said Roger Alves, founder and president of SCOSCHE.

Spokeswoman Valerie Guerra said the 35-acre parcel acquisition and construction in the 88-acre Phil Campbell Industrial Park represents an $8 million private investment, with approximately $3.6 million in state and federal grants for infrastructure improvements. Upgrades include a new 500,000-gallon water tower, roads and highways, extended sewer lines and a comprehensive recycling program.

The more spacious center will boost the company’s storage and shipping volume growth, while increasing its overall distribution network. The location, which has updated equipment and automation, also allows SCOSCHE to reach 37 states within 48 hours using standard ground services.

“Speed of order processing and delivery are essential elements in being able to meet the expectations of our growing customer base,” stated Doug Froelich, SCOSCHE’s director of operations.

While the new facility triples the company’s capacity, it also serves as an emergency shelter in the event there is another natural disaster.

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